Dental Fillings

What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a restoration that is specifically designed to fill in areas that have decayed in one or more teeth. If you have a cavity, the decay will need to be removed and a filling put into its place. Fillings are made of composite resin, which is a tooth-colored material. Most fillings can last for many years before full replacement is necessary.

Why might Dental Fillings be needed?

You might need a dental filling if you have a cavity. Cavities often occur as a result of poor dental hygiene as well as poor dietary habits. If cavities are ignored, they will continue to get worse over time. Eventually, the decay will infect the inner pulp of the tooth, requiring the need for a root canal. Before the decay gets this deep into the tooth, it’s removed and a filling placed.

Who is a candidate for Dental Fillings?

To determine if you have a cavity, we will examine your teeth thoroughly. In some cases, cavities may only be seen on a dental x-ray if they are between the teeth. If you have a cavity, we suggest having it filled sooner rather than later. This helps to prevent the decay from getting worse and infecting the inner pulp.

What can be expected during the Dental Filling procedure?

The procedure begins with anesthetic that is used to numb the area being worked on. The decay is fully removed from the tooth, leaving behind a small hole. The hole is prepped for the composite material and the resin is then placed inside of the tooth. This material is smoothed into place and cured with a special light. Your new filling will last you for many years without needing any special care or treatment. We can place multiple dental fillings at the same appointment if they are within the same area of the mouth. This prevents us from numbing your whole mouth during treatment.

If you would like to learn more about fillings, call us today so that we can get you in for a convenient appointment.